Gum Paste Mould

Gum Paste Mould
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Gum Paste - Bear
approx diameter : from 1.3cm to 2.4cm material = Silicone have 3 pattern of teddy bear * ea..
Gum Paste - Ice Cream
approx diameter : 1.3cm to 2.1cm material : silicone have 7 different pattern of gum paste ice..
Gum Paste - Sport
approx diameter : from 1cm to 3.4cm material : silicone have 9 different pattern of gum paste ..
Gum Paste Mould - Animal Shape
approx diameter : 1.5cm to 2.6cm have 10 types of animal shapes ..
Gum Paste Mould 80gm - Gift and Bear
approx diameter : from 2.4cm to 2.8cm material : silicone have 5 different pattern of gum past..
Fondant Mould - Clef Shape
material : silicone   ..